Friday, March 09, 2007

Crazy Kia Re

I believe that everyone has had a phrase, a cause, a word or a person to drive them crazy. COmmitted people have their GFs/BFs to drive them crazy; Upham, the corporal in Saving Private Ryan had the acronym FUBAR to drive him crazy; Naxalites have a foolish cause called Maoism to drive them crazy, so on and so forth.

I have this phrase which drove me crazy for a good one month. It all started in KREC when I got hold of the song Temple of the King by Rainbow. The song was good and provided a mysterious aura to the listener. One could almost feel that he was the King who was being crowned in a strange and dangerous ceremony.

Looking up the file information, I saw that the name of the album provided was "I don't know, do you?". Done and dusted, thought my mind, "If this is the name of the album, I can also locate whether this song is part of any OST or not; which movie it belongs to; whats the funda behind this song etc."

This phrase became my 'mantra' during every waking hour. I chanted this when I ate, took a bath and even while in class. All my free time was spent in the CCC looking up for this song. Fittingly, it was in the bathroom that I discovered that whoever had put in that phrase wanted to send people on a wild goose chase!!! Hats off dude.

What is your 'crazy kia re' item?

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gandhi said...

you listened to ilayaraja's album 'how to name it'?...some nice violin pieces in that!!..