Saturday, March 04, 2006

Chuck Sachin and Laxman too....

Scene 1: The Karachi Test, India's Tour of Pakistan, 2006

All that was required from the world's 'best' batting line up was to just last for 2 days. Not a
Herculean task I must say. Yes, I am nowhere near international class cricket, but there have
been instances when I have had to hang on for extended periods and i have done my duty diligently without being flashy. Mr. Sachin and Laxman, you might give the excuse that Mohd Asif was at his best. Agreed to that too, but couldn't you see him off? What was the need to score fours and more fours. Again, you might invoke the Bangalore test of Pakistan's tour of India where you, the great Gods had gone into a shell once Sehwag was dismissed. Probably you wanted to atone for that and you ended up overcompensating. No my dear 'jewels of India', this is not the way. And the way you got out....Sachin, you get a little sympathy because the ball kept low, but Laxman, your career is akin to someone in the middle of a rope bridge which is swaying dangerously in the wind and the supports rapidly collapsing. Laxman Jhoola Version II I must say........

Scene 2: The Nagpur Test, England's Tour of India, 2006

Laxman lbw b Hoggard 0
Sachin lbw b Monty panesar 16

Again agreed that England bowled well. But why is it that whenever you guys are batting it always seems like a wicket is going to fall? Is it because of you guys losing it or is the bowling so
menacing? Or is it that I support you guys unconciously even though on the outside i pretend to
be hyper cool about India getitng beaten and vociferously support the opponents? Hell, in asking
for your heads I have gone into introspection!!!!!!!

Whatever, Sachin and Laxman should be kept out for a few games. They are too precious to be
thrown out forever considering that they have 6-7 years left in them. But you guys need to get
back to Shivaji park and Hyderabad Gymkhana (??? is this where "hydra"badis learn cricket????)...

Time to give Venugopala Rao a look in in tests. S. Sharath, S. Sriram, Hemang badani from TN also deserve a chance. Robin Uthappa, Barrington Rowland from Karnataka; laxmi rattan Shukla from Bengal..and many more need a look in..guess some competition will make Sachin and Laxman play properly.

In the end, I can't help saying this, but Ganguly could come in for Laxman...

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