Thursday, March 16, 2006

Using Jean Baptiste Fourier's Name.....

Here's something that Keshav and myself wrote as an intro for our batch's yearbook Smriti 2004. Found it at home and decided to put it up.

The 'Four-year' Transform


v [trans fa`wrm]

vt change something dramatically: to change people or things completely, especially improving their appearence or usefulness.

Have we undergone a transformation? What were we? What are we?

Dark were the clouds, and roaring was the sky, when we put our first steps in KREC. It was the August of 2000. Looking at the main lobby, all of us would have thought 'This will be my home for the next four years' and heaved a sigh of relief thinking that the efforts put during 11th and 12th standards were not in vain.

For many, the first challenge must have been adjusting to hostel life. Not having left the hallowed comforts of their homes, the rooms; the bullet proof rotis; the bathrooms and the presence of so many unique individuals must have come as a real wake up call for many. "When you can't beat 'em, join 'em" was the name of the game and we realised the nuances of this game quite early and since then there was no stopping us.

As a batch we have excelled in everything. We have had some of the best quizzers, best sportsmen, best artists, best entertainers, who made every event like INCI, CRRESCENDO, PHOENIX memorable for all of us. Surely, the batch of 2004 rocks.
In retrospection, one can say that nothing is permnent except change and changes that we saw were like swimming pool, new blocks, new Nescafe in the campus and nomenclatural transforms like KREC to NITK. We also sa ourselves changing from adolescents, unsure of ourselves, to clear thinking individuals who know what they want to do in future. Ultimately the 'four year' transform has made us secure and confident to face the world.

These four years, some call it the four year itch, some a long vacation...has surely been the best part of our lives so far.
The campus and the faces will change with time, but what will remain unchanged is the NITKian way of life an our memories.

With all our heart we wish everyone good luck for the future.

Goodbye till we meet again.

-The Smriti Team

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