Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Pseudo Secularism

Today's (28th March 2006) Hindu, Delhi edition carried a small news item which I have reproduced verbatim. I doubt whether this is there on the online edition of The Hindu.

Support for Husain

A group of 33 artists, writers, film-makers, art enthusiasts and academicians on Monday expressed concern at the filing of cases recently against artist M.F.Husaun for allegedly "offending Hindu sentiments" with his nude painting, "Mother India".

Pointing out that they did not want to comment on the specific cases filed in courts, they said Mr.Husain's paintings represented the "multicultural and multireligious mosaic of our identity." To accuse such an artist of religious insensitivity or disrespect for Bharat Mata was an example of "not only ignorance, but perhaps of mischief", they said in a statement.

"Such mischievous acts can arise only out of a narrow-mindedness which is completely contrary to the tolerance and breadth of Indian culture."

OK "art-connoisseurs" , "tolerant", "well informed", "goody-goody" people of India. Enough of your double standards. You good for nothing bums can only protest when the matter concerns Hinduism. Did you have the guts to protest when death threats for the Danish cartoonists were issued by none other than a minister for Haj in UP? Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, Haj is a subsidised pilgrimage right? Oh! How could I forget? India practises "secularism" of the Animal farm type wherein 'All religions are equal but some religions are more equal than the other".

Anyway, coming back to the point, if Mohammad is sacred to Muslims, Bharat Mata is sacred to Indians, not only Hindus. So, for your kind information, this protest is more nationalistic than religious.

Either condemn all attacks on freedom of expresison as this author does, or else don't condemn any....Choice is yours. This ain't animal farm, this is a country!! Simply don't embark on such publicity stunts from the air conditioned comforts of some hall at IIC or IHC.

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Sharath Rao said...

i wud prefer allowing any kind of ridicule of any religion :) - the funda shud be "if you feel 'hurt' by what i say, its your problem, not mine - so dont listen."

i think organized religion has been the single biggest cause of deaths/massacre/genocide in human history. we are better off without it.