Saturday, May 13, 2006

Acidic oder Basic!!!

The ball is passed on the right flank, DK is onto it, so is the opponent X. DK tries to nudge forward, X cuts off the angle. DK takes it back fakes a pass and when X is thrown off balance, kicks it, runs down the line and passes into the D.

As he makes his way back into his D (he was the defender u see) a strange feeling of having dribbled and fooled an opponent sunk in. So did the following dialogues...

Dr.Anand:"You started playing football pretty late I suppose.Your running indicates that.Your upper torso just follows your lower torso.Why don't you try to lower your CG as you run?"

Ahsay:"Man,you have improved a lot ever since you came to play with us."

Ah bliss!!! Now, the dialogue that I am waiting to hear from my prof is,"You have improved after coming to this M.Tech program,now start typing your thesis."

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