Saturday, May 27, 2006

Huccha Baccha!!!

1 AM on a cool summer morning on the 28th of May 2005. My penultimate official day at IITD. I have to make a presentation to present before The Execution Squad on Monday, the 29th. I find that all the graphs that I have are in black and white and have to convert them to color. Not wanting to waste time clicking on each waveform and changing its color, I decide to run the simulations again and get all my 'rang bhari' results.

The only company that I have is Dire Straits singing 'Telegraph Road' and "In Those Days There Was No Coffee", a book by A. R. Venkatachalapathy. Was going through a chapter named 'Consuming Literature: The Contemporary Reputation of Pudumaipithan'. (Pudumaipithan = pen name of C. Vridhachalam, a Tamil short story writer).

Pudumaipithan literally means 'the one crazy about the new/modern'.

After reading that line: "Aw shit!! I knew the meaning of this Tamil word even before I could speak properly." How, you ask my dear reader? Simple, in the good old 80's I could not pronounce the word Chitappa (father's younger brother) and instead willed my tongue to pronounce it as, you guessed it right (if you did) - "Pithan".

Forgive me all uncles, whom I have labelled crazy in the innocence of my childhood. But you got to admit, God sensed my literary potential!!!

Another childhood gem:

Q: "What is your name?"

My answer: "Deepak Krishnan I love You!!!"...and just when I remember this incident, my Orkut fortune for the day says, "Our first and last love is...self love"

Stranger things have happened!!!

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