Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Tears of 'senti' fall down my face???

Crying is a phenomenon which is normal for any human being. But overdoing the tears part is something that I don't like.

What am I hitting at? If you are a KRECian (present or ex) you will be aware of the large deluge of tears that are shed whenever people from the final year batch quit KREC for ever. You need to see it to believe. People whom you would never have associated with tears breakdown like kids.

My only question is, why all the tears when in any case after a couple of months all that you will do is meet them on orkut/yahoo/gtalk and have the occasional 'meet up' business for lunch/dinner at some mall/restaurant??

Never seen any of the final years here in IITD do that. (be they BTech or MTech)

Bliss, as they say, is found here.......


Karthik Subramani said...

Hey deeks,

I too never cried when i left college, but surely those who cried had sufficient attachment to the place and the people. 4 years with ur best friends , best games ... its something which will never come back.
And btw, orkut was an unfamiliar thing at that time.

Srivishnu Mohan said...

Four marvellous years at some place like KREC is too significant a thing in life to let go unnoticed. We might meet somewhere else again but never retain that carefree attitude we enjoyed at KREC. Those tears we shed at this seperation are worth every drop of it.

In my opinion every good film or significant event has a historic and jubiliant ending so why not such a glorious and memorable saga of our life have a tearful and emotion filled adieu?